Dom Bonnice

Product Designer

Highly skilled all-round UX and product design professional. Over 5 years experience designing user first digital experiences for a number of large Australian companies.

Previous clients include:
Telstra, Telstra Health, Australia Post, NAB, ANZ, MLC, MYOB.

Previous roles include:
UX Designer, UI Designer, Product Designer, Front-end Developer

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I research, analyse & document,

to uncover the needs of users.

In the early stages of the design process I’ll be extracting knowledge and understanding from wherever I can to help inform the design. Working with potential & current users, conducting workshops with product experts, reviewing any available analytics and completing competitor analyses.

My deliverables from this will be customer journey maps, contextual inquiries and some basic UI sketches.

Tools used:

I prototype, test & iterate,

to refine & strengthen design solutions.

Once I have have a good understanding of the user and business needs, I begin to sketch and wireframe potential solutions. I will then create interactive prototypes using either Axure or develop my own using HTML/CSS/JS. 

I test these design solutions with users to validate assumptions, and discover what needs to change. This will begin a feedback loop where further iterations will strengthen the solution until I’m confident for it to move to visual design and copy. I will also be working with engineers, developers and the business to ensure what’s being designed is possible and what was intentioned.

Tools used:


I design, animate & build,

to create experiences that delight.

I’ve got extensive experience designing not just functional interfaces, but ones that excite. I make sure to add the ‘little big’ details, that can give so much to a good experience. When designing interfaces, my approach is to make sure every action produces a visible, understandable and immediate reaction.

I’ve designed native iOS and Android experiences and responsive web design. I keep up to date with the latest trends and technologies, but also ensure that what I’m adding does not distract from the core functionality, but adds to it. The use of motion can be powerful in digital products, with a background in animation I can design UI animations that add value.

Tools used: